Web Analytics present a detailed study of click-streams, customer segmentation and behavior for a website, which is referred to refine visitor experience and improve your conversion goals. It tracks, collects, measures, reports and analyzes the quantifiable Internet data and helps testing a website's optimization and marketing initiatives. The Analytics present clear understanding about visitors' actions, patterns of traffic, conversion dynamics, marketing campaigns, and much more. It simplifies the process to calibrate a website and its IM campaigns' performance to boost your return on investment (ROI).

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Website Analytics And Consulting Services

We provide complete web analytics solutions. Our experts will help you set up various web analytics tools and offer professional assistance to understand its readings.

J2 Soft Solutions Web Analytics Solutions

Unlike most, we not only provide you with massive, quantitative and statistical reports, but also help you "slice-and-dice" the obtained data at the granular level so that you can answer vital questions regarding your visitors' behaviour. Infusing the ability to test and analyze your results, we help you understand personal customer behavior, website optimization extent, and campaign performance. Based on these results, our experts help you intelligently tweak your online marketing initiatives. It is an inevitable requirement for those trying to gain through PPC marketing, SEO, web design, and usability.

1. Analyze Accurate Traffic On Your Website

Want to track where your visitors are coming from? We help you monitor your visitors’ traffic patterns and render informative data on who is visiting, from where, and for how long. With traffic based Web Analytics solutions, we help you analyze the inbound and outbound traffic on your website and provide insights into the performance of your web site. Our experts make best use of these tools to identify site pages that are highly utilized, and attempt to craft that content for maximum impact, accordingly. In addition, we also provide reports on areas of the site that are confusing or hard to understand, letting you gain proper insight to craft your site as per your customers' needs.

2. Aim More Than Just Traffic

The aim of any website is not limited to getting visitors, but extends to gaining maximum conversion rate. With our conversion based analytic, we pick out the gaps that drive visitors to leave in between, without completing the conversion process. Our experts in India employ the highly advanced reporting tools such as Urchin and Google web Analytics and help you identify the funnels that are resulting in sales along with areas of your site that drive better conversion rates.

Harnessing The Power Of Web Analytics

Being truly critical to measuring the success of your web site, analytics solutions help you identify opportunities to improvise your business and marketing attempts. With our web Analytics solutions, you measure and analyze the impact of the investments you have made to achieve the goals of your website. These objectives can be anything from making online sales, requests for information to downloads of product demos or white papers, etc. Therefore, since Analytics tell you all about what your visitors are doing and why are they doing, you may actually put this information to a lot of use.

  • It helps monitor and track your visitors and users
  • Easy to measure key performance indicators ( KPI)
  • Insight into ways to improve your website optimization efforts.
  • It can help you formulate a sales and e-marketing plan
  • Optimize conversion through click-path tracking, and navigation and content adjustment.
  • Helps you identify online revenue-enhancing opportunities.