Search Engine Optimization

"Let customers reach you rather than you look for them." J2 Soft Solutions is the Top SEO Company in India providing services at affordable rates.

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Social Media Marketing

"Increase your networking and business and deliver real time profits through social media campaigns." J2 Soft Solutions has record making excellence in Social Media marketing.

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Website Development

"Create your virtual office and increase your reach in online world." J2 Soft Solutions has skilled and efficient web developers to design and customize the website as per individual’s requirement.

Applify - App Landing Page HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template
Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Why Choice Us

Being versed with a wide range of web technologies, our team of developers is capable enough to accomplish each and every requirement of responsive websites.J2 Soft Solutions has skilled and efficient web developers to design and customize the website as per individual’s requirement. Developing a website is easy, but to develop a creative and effective website is quite time consuming and requires expertise. It requires clear vision and greater understanding of the TARGET MARKET.

Applify - App Landing Page HTML Template
  • Clean Design

    Source codes should be neat and clean to avoid any confusion or vagueness and should have the room for development.

  • Bright Colors

    unique color combinations theme.

  • Multiple Demos

    You can choice a better options between our more of demos.

  • Documentation

    Complete website documentation provide by our developers.

Android and iOS App Development

Usages of mobile phones are increasing day by day. The business analysts find that Mobile apps are the best venture to showcase your product in the market. This is the easiest way to highlight features of products through notifications on mobile devices. You can get the best mobile applications as per your business requirement.

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Accordion Showcase

Promote your business with J2 Soft Solution and List your business in world wide. We increase your sell and Promote your Branding.

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Setup your profile

You can setup business profile with few steps get more benefit in lead generation and branding your business. Just follow instruction and you will get unexpected business grow. Click to setup your business profile.

Create your gallery

This is a very beneficial features you can show your portfolio to the visitor and upload multiple image in your photo gallery. Click to setup your photo gallery.

Add Google map

You can add Google map in your business profile. Because user can find your business easily. Click here to setup your Google map.

Enquiry management

One your profile active after that you can get customer inquiry at your mobile phone and email address. Click here to check your inquiry.

Tabbed Showcase

J2 Soft Solutions is a business showcase that brings awareness to the products, services and special causes of local businesses and organizations. This advertorial video program allows home-based businesses, midsize companies, start-ups, non-profits and direct sales representatives share their information and expertise in an interview format. Profile will run live throughout the day.

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

J2 Soft Solutions list your business at our business directory to improve your daily business and lead generation you can get more enquiry from customer.

  • Profile Setup
  • Manage Product Showcase
  • Get email sms notification
  • Google visibility
  • Google map integration

You can manage your profile with the using your login authentication update your profile information and manage product image and details.

  • Update profile information
  • Update official logo
  • Update contact details
  • Profile sharing with face book

J2 Soft solutions gives a message inquiry system at our portal.

  • Check your inquiry message
  • Reply by email or sms
  • Make call with j2 soft solutions
  • Find more business information

Client can change setting with login authentication and make more operational business profile

  • Update password
  • Update mobile number
  • Update email id
  • Update contact information

Recent Work

Software developers are the creative minds behind computer program some develop the application that allow people do specific tasks on a computer or another device other develop the underlying system that run the devices or the control network.

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Keeping up to date with important upcoming launches and digital marketing announcements and helping you to stay ahead of the competition. Keeping up to date with important upcoming launches and digital marketing announcements and helping you to stay ahead of the competition.

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